Our Coffee

Rare & High-quality

Our rare and high-quality coffee is Cultivated on the foot of the tallest mountain in Africa where it is carefully monitored from the ground up to bring nothing but purity and perfection to your cup.

we're experienced

With years of experience in the coffee business, all we do is in the name of coffee full of innovation and passion we vow to coax out complexity, taste, and Aroma to bring you a distinct coffee profile

Coffee like no other

The aroma of our meticulously Roasted and brewed to top standard coffee will leave you with a coffee experience like no other.
Kitamu loves supporting local farmers for extraordinary beans. We partner with small, family-run farms, and pioneering cooperatives, helping small growers and communities improve the productivity of their crops and livelihoods in general.
From coffee farms on the slopes of Kilimanjaro to your cup – anywhere in the world.
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