Leah Assenga is the founder of Kitamu Africa, a coffee shop with African food and a dessert brand that is located in the heart of Arusha. With sufficient knowledge and extensive experience on coffee, having roasted coffee, sold coffee, installed coffee machines and set up coffee shops to international standards, She also trained hotel staff on how to operate the coffee machines and make coffee in exclusive hotels within East and West Africa.

Leah is an active member of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) in Tanzania. And also volunteering as a Quality control and sales representative for the Kiwakamori specialty Coffee Group, a member of the IWCA located in Kibosho area in northern Tanzania that assists more than 25 women from this village who want to get started in coffee farming. with the aim of helping the women to establish a village managed coffee nursery, producing seedlings that are then distributed to the targeted women for planting on their self-owned farms. The overall objective of the Group is to increase the number of female coffee growers in Tanzania while, at the same time, providing them with a more sustainable and better quality of life, a cause she strongly believes in.

Young, driven by boundless curiosity and passion for all the things in the magic bean of coffee, Leah worked as a barista here in Tanzania where she garnered enough knowledge to be confident that she wanted to showcase the appeal of coffee. Her vision was further sharpened in the 12 weeks program of the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) where Only 96 out of 2,000 applicants for the course were accepted, Leah was proudly to be part of it gaining extensive skills and motivation upon her return.

Despite Arusha and the whole Northern circuit being a center for tourism in Tanzania and surrounded by some of the best coffee plantations in the world, there are very few coffee shops here owned and managed by Tanzanians. When the idea of setting up a café in Arusha was taking shape Leah tried out different recipes on her friends where only the best made it to the final menu. Leah’s renowned cake-making skills with the home help of Joyce who is also a very talented chef left many with one word to be heard time and again: ‘kitamu’ (Swahili for ‘delicious’).

When the café was finally opened (2017) – in a prime location on Goliondoi Street, moments from the Clock Tower, the city’s center piece – it had to be called Kitamu Coffee also famously known as “The cutest cafe in town” and for the customers who came in kept coming back and the ever-smiling Leah became ‘Mama Kitamu’.

Kitamu Coffee is a fast growing coffee shop and African cuisine restaurant famous for our coffee food and our mouth watering desserts.
We love our customers and their convenience is our number one priority that is why we are more than excited to introduce our one of a kind online ordering system where our customers can view our menu and order directly from our website or by downloading our own kitamu app from play store or app store IOS users.
Our online ordering has a very intuitive and user friendly interface that simplifies how you can now order food from any where any time whether it’s a pick up, order ahead , delivery or table reservation our system will make it super easy for you.
By using our online ordering system.

  1. your Orders received and replied within seconds
  2. You can order ahead of time so when you get here the food is ready to eat or pick up
  3. You can reserve a table hours / days ahead
  4. You can order delivery and track your food to your door step
  5. You get various payment options from cash , card to Mobile money
  6. you can get Offers , discounts and other promo deals by restaurant.
  7. Order ahead even when restaurant is closed your order will be received.

Kitamu team


We love bringing the community together to celebrate, shop network and have an overall good time.
Our events are unique, family friendly and purely social with the aim of bringing you and your loved one a worthwhile enjoyable experience.