Kitamu Africa

Goliondoi Road, Arusha, Tanzania

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  • $11,000

    Eggs, tarragon, and cheese burritos

    Breakfast burritos served with ranchero sauce.

  • $15,000

    Chicken Satay Tagliatelle Exquisite taste

    Creamy chicken satay with pasta, mushroom, and chef’s favorite vegetables.

  • $17,500

    Kitamu Gourmet Cheeseburger Should to try

    Filled with a beef patty, our selection of cheese, Mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, and Gherkins. Served with chips or salad.

  • $TZS 9,500

    Kitamu Fluffy pancakes

    Two fluffy home-made vanilla pancakes served with butter and maple

  • $12,500

    Beef Mnafu

    A mix of tender beef and local vegetables that comes with avocado and mtindi milk.

  • $15,000

    Sweet chill chicken Salad

    A combination of grilled chicken, fresh mangoes, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, a dash of roasted nuts and covered with Kitamu sweet chill sauce.

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Our brand passionately sources from the best coffee farms in Kilimanjaro to bring you a variety of quality-roasted coffee wherever you are.

Every cup of Kitamu coffee started from a farm with growers who share the same drive and dedication for their craft as Kitamu do. In an effort to give you the best, Leah visits all of the farms we buy from as well as other coffee producing areas to develop and maintain real and lasting relationships. We are proud to work directly with these farms that share our interest in social responsibility and environmental sustainability.